20th Street Media LLC is a full service boutique technology and design firm that helps businesses and organizations achieve their goals across all forms of media. Based in Times Square New York City, we have built a team of experts with a professional reputation for online and offline design, development & execution. Our team is known to be expeditious, providing precise work, timely response and a strong sense of urgency to meet the customers’ needs. Our goal is to provide customized web sites and technological solutions to fill the needs of our clients. All of our work is unique. We treat each customer as having distinct needs and goals; we accommodate each client by providing the best-customized solution possible.



Every project has to start somewhere, right? We believe in beginning every project with research. By doing research on trends concerning your brand and other brands in your respected industry, it will give your project a solid foundation to work from. After research is conducted and your vision is clear, we begin on the basis of the project: design and development. The planning stage is an essential part of the process that sets the approach for the project.


Once planning is finalized, we can work on perfecting your project’s design. We have to merge both the content structure with the conceptual design in a way that best suits the project. If you’re looking for originality, creativity and efficiency, you’ve found the right company. We specialize in many applications that will allow us to provide your projects with a modern and custom design.


After the design is completed and approved, we then begin to modify and insert content and any other features according with the your specified budget and timeline. We will continuously supply you with updated designs and structure. During development, we encourage you to supply us with improvements or new ideas you wish to implement.


Finally, once your project is launched our job still isn’t done. We won’t just grab the check and turn our backs, instead we can provide monthly updates and services as you see fit. Monthly maintenance includes updates in graphics, technology and content. We will also include a case study of your project, which explores and examines your project in depth.


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    Adam Schneider

    Founder / CEO

    Adam M Schneider is the Founder and CEO of 20th Street Media LLC. His extensive experience in web development, project management, sales and e-commerce led to the establishment of 20th Street Media. Adam graduated from Hofstra University in 1999 with a Bachelors degree in Marketing and has been working online ever since.

    Mail to: adam@20thstmedia.com
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    Stephan Wetzl

    Art Director

    Stephan C. Wetzl is a IxD/UI/UX Designer born in Rosenheim Germany. Stephan spent much time as a model living in Tokyo, Capetown, Milan, Miami, Vienna, Athens, and New York City. Stephan studied Communication Arts & Interactive Media at the Design Factory International in Hamburg, Germany. Stephan is currently Art Director and UI Designer at 20th Street Media.

    Mail to: stephan@20thstmedia.com